The WEBApp that allows you to be closer to seniors!
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This is a digital platform where it is possible to signal elderly people in vulnerable situations, so it is possible to have a deeper knowledge about situations of isolation or that need special attention. It is a solution that helps those who need it!


Networking between various institutions involved
Real-time, reliable information sharing
Confidentiality in the treatment of information
Detailed case-by-case assessment
More proximity of the Institutions to the Community
Process management with notifications
Free application and access on all operating systems


GEOSenior needs the community to be conscientious to its seniors and to interact when there is a need.

Should signal in case of:

Current living in solitude or isolation
Having difficulty performing tasks of daily living
Present need for health care
Show signs of food deficiency
Suspected abuse or violence
Present living in a situation of serious economic need
Apparent difficulty in performing personal and clothing hygiene
Appear disorientation and confused speech